Meet Our Leadership

Spotad was founded by a group of industry veterans who wanted to solve the messy world of mobile marketing.  We have offices in Israel, New York, London and Beijing and are growing fast!

Chief Executive Officer

Sagiv Ben Shaul

Degree: Degree: B.Sc., Information Systems Engineering, Technion-Machon Technologi Le’ Israel. MBA, Operations Research, Tel-Aviv University
Expertise: Technology & Entrepreneurship
Location: Israel
Before Spotad: I was CTO at PNMsoft, a cutting edge business process management software company
Dream vacation: By the sea with no cellular reception
Favorite app: Outlook for iPhone
Personal motto: “Fortune favors the persistent”
Favorite sports team: Manchester United FC

Co-Founder/The Fixer

Yoav Oz

Degree: B.A., Management; Economics and Behavioral Sciences, Ben Gurion University
Area of Expertise: Help me find one
Location: Everywhere
Favorite app: Instagram
Personal motto: Be you, the world will adjust
Nickname: The Fixer (If I tell you why, I’ll have to kill you)
Dream vacation: Mike Basch’s birthday party in France
Favorite hobby: Surfing

Chief Technology Officer

Tal Maizels

Degree: B.S., Computer Science & Mathematics, Bar Ilan University
Area of Expertise: Complicating designs
Location: Israel
Dream vacation: Hiking with My wife and girls
Guilty pleasure: A Friday afternoon with a good book, a bag of chips, cold drink, and the kids hooked on TV/Tablet (great parenting.…)
Favorite publication: Lord of the rings
Best invention of all time: The Siesta!
Personal motto: You see it’s all a show, keep laughing as you go
Nickname and why: SabaTal – After all of the above you really need to ask why???

Chief Strategy Officer

Tomer Horev

A seasoned entrepreneur in online marketing with over 12 years of experience in business analysis, online advertising & performance marketing.

Degree: BS.c Technology Management HIT
Area of Expertise: Marketing, Mobile, and Entrepreneurship
Location: Israel
Dream Vacation: Winter, snowboarding with friends. Summer: sunny beaches with the family
Favorite app: Waze
Personal motto: “Don’t Be Right, Be Smart”
Fun fact: Born at IAF military base
Lost dream: Being a racing driver (AKA Thomas Schumacher)

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