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Our Technology.

Spotad is a mobile-focused advertising technology company. We've built a proprietary platform 100% in house to programmatically purchase media across different exchanges and platforms in real time.

Full Mobile Marketing Platform


Spotad’s proprietary learning algorithm processes data in real time and optimizes towards downloads, purchases and events further down the funnel. We have built a reputation for driving low CPFTs and high-value conversions with strong LTVs.


Our targeting capabilities allow us to be as specific or as broad as our clients need us to be. We are able to target cities, states and countries and we can also focus on specific user IDs or user profiles utilizing our signature targeting recipe and millions of pieces of 1st party data.


Creative not generating the volume of clicks you expect? With laser targeting and a learning algorithm, we are confident that you will see a dramatic increase in CTR on our platform using the same creative that has not performed elsewhere.

Not Just CPI Deals

The days of running every campaign on a CPI based payment model are over. Spotad is able to find value and traffic utilizing all mobile cost metrics including CPC, CPT, CPM and CPI. We will work with you to figure out the plan that provides the most value for your needs.


Every app’s success is dependent on a constant stream of new and loyal users. Working with high-traffic platforms like Google AdX, Baidu, and Rubicon, our AI, Sarah, can hyper-target these desired users based on their personal preferences. She then automatically creates a bidding strategy, processing over 1M auctions every second, to get you in front of them.

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We don’t leave your success to chance. We analyze every single bid, individually, to make sure we are only buying the best quality media on your behalf. Sarah compares each individual attribute to the billions of data points we already have stored, and if the auction is a match, we do everything in our power to help you monetize your new and loyal users.

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Spotad creates, schedules, and maintains campaigns that will keep your app at the forefront of your audience’s mind. We’re so confident in our technology's ability to deliver results that we offer a variety of CPx business models. Anything from CPM to CPC to CPI to CPA. We’ll make sure that we offer you the plan that adds the most value to your business.

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