Why Spotad?

You’re missing customers because you don’t always know if they’ll click through, but our tech does. Spotad is a mobile-only advertising company with the power to purchase media fast. We’re talking real time fast. There’s a limited amount of ad space available at any given moment — our algorithm gets you there first.

How Spotad Works

Spotad knows a lot. We know why a 30-year-old woman from London clicks a video first thing before work instead of during her commute home. We know what inspires a millennial to use an app on a weekend getaway, instead of in the comfort of their homes.

How do we know all of this you ask? Our self-learning algorithm runs through Real Time Big Data, collecting and analyzing a Smörgåsbord of specific user attributes and outputting a Real Time Bid for an Ad that will be seen by your audience precisely when they need to see it, every time. It’s all because of Sarah.

    The Traveler

    A weekend road trip. An overnight at a National Park. Two weeks in Europe. A month in the Bahamas. The seasoned traveler often knows precisely where they want to go next, but doesn’t always know the best way to get there. Good thing Sarah does. She’ll serve the right travel app to the right traveler. Every time. Whether they’re seeking the lowest airfares or ride-sharing to the airport, Sarah will direct the traveler to the slickest new apps to help organize their trip.

    The Foodie

    These supporters, connoisseurs, and curators of the local restaurant community always want to know: what’s the best place to eat in the city right now? Well, Sarah knows which apps list the hottest tables in town and the best-kept secrets around. Though she might not know when someone’s hungry, Sarah knows how to make a stomach growl— serving apps for not only those who want to go out, but also those who want that same food delivered right to their door. With targeting like this, Sarah continues to beat our clients’ performance expectations again and again.

    The Shopper

    Every shopper knows the rush of finding the deal of the century while digging through the drawers and piles at their favorite vintage boutique, or shopping off the rack at their favorite mall. But what if these shoppers could discover their new favorite retailer now has an app? Now that’s a rush! Sarah positions ads at just the right time for a shopper to take action, leading them to click through with ease from download to purchase. It’s time to do all of the buying without any of the digging.


Say hello to Sarah, our A.I.

“Supercomputer genius that’s always learning” might as well read, “robot uprising.” We’ve seen all the movies too. But think less apocalypses and more clicks. Sarah’s “heart” (yes, our A.I. has a heart) is made up of a series of algorithms based on user data. Sarah can predict when and where a user is most likely to take action when an ad is presented. This means hyper-accurate ad-targeting for you and your product -- or, in other words, “cha-ching.”

More Volume at a lower cost

Advertising that learns

Our AI can significantly increase your ROAS (return on ad spend), serving up ads to users she believes will dramatically improve your bottom line. Sarah’s so smart, she even told us what ROAS stands for.

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Pay for Actions, Not Impressions

Today there are too many mobile marketers spending money on app installs that never generate real revenue or high value users. This makes us sad. So here at Spotad we’re focused on optimizing your installs toward metrics that actually make sense for you. We profile users and optimize ad campaigns to get you the sign ups and purchases you’ve been waiting for.

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